Spay and Neuter

Value Priced Spay Neuter


In the current economy, we have decided to help with affordable spay and neuter for your pet. We have titled this service “Value Priced Spay Neuter” and not “Low Cost Spay Neuter,” as we do so much more than low cost spay and neuter options. The service we provide is more comprehensive, safer for your pet, and results in less postoperative pain.

The difference between our Value Priced Spay Neuter and low cost options are:
  • Full monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen level, electrical activity of the heart (ECG), respiratory rate, and blood pressure
  • IV catheter for blood pressure support, maintenance of hydration, and emergency IV access should a problem arise (rare)
  • Endotracheal intubation for each patient to protect airway and assist breathing
  • Surgery instruments sterilized between patients, not reused
  • Dedicated technician that monitors your pet throughout the entire procedure and recovery
  • Multiple pain medications given preemptively (before surgery), after surgery, and to go home to assure that your pet is very comfortable.
Requirements for participation in Value Priced Spay Neuter
  • Only for dogs and cats
  • Must be under one year of age (over one year subject to regular surgery fees; call or email for estimate)
  • All candidates must be under 50#
  • Must be up to date on vaccinations done by a veterinarian (bring proof if not done here) or will be vaccinated on day of surgery at additional cost
    • Dogs: Rabies, DHLP, Bordetella
    • Cats: Rabies, FVRCP
  • Will be completed by first available veterinarian at first available time
  • Must be able to stay overnight at the clinic to be picked up anytime the next day
  • Must fill out surgery consent form and bring it with you the day of surgery